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“My Moments” - Countdown, countup and much more..

“My Moments” is a Google gadget that displays the days until and days since a memorable event took place. Also you can use this gadget to see how long its been since you started dating, mowed your lawn etc.

(To add this gadget to your page, just click on “Add to Google” button below the image)

My Moments

Add to Google

Some of the features include:

  1. Ability to add multiple countdowns and countups.
  2. Year since 0001 is supported.. so go ahead and add all the historical events that happened since your great great great great … grandfather.
  3. Ability to add recurring events (Monthly, Yearly, Daily)
  4. Displays upto the minute details for all events.
  5. Various display formats.
  6. Alarm to remind you when the event is due.
  7. Countdowns automatically convert to Countups on expiration.
  8. Ability to add quick events.
  9. Watch how long you have been working on a project (punchclock kind of feature)
  10. Provides a snapshot of todays events.
  11. Efficient handling of all time-zone issues.. and yes - you can add an event in California and be sure that the event shows up accurately in India. (provided you adjust the timezone on your computer)
  12. See the date and time change in real-time.
  13. Hide an event if you are no longer interested and it will show up only when it is due.
  14. Easily remove an event when you no longer want to keep a watch.
  15. Backup your events or share your events with friends/family using “Data Key”.

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The gadget that does multiple countodown and countup. use it as countdowns for wedding anniversary, birthday, pregnancy calendar, health related events, memorable trips. Use it to track the number of days left to holiday trips, vacations.

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