Search business locations along the route using Google maps (POI along a route)

I recently released a gadget “To-Do List with Google Maps” that had an interesting feature wherein one can find all businesses along a route given the business names, the start and end address. This is very useful and is a very productive way to complete the regular chores. Some of you had suggested that this could be a separate stand-alone feature by itself.

And here it is !!. I separated out the POI along the route functionality from the gadget and made it a separate website. Visit the site here.

It is very simple. Just add business names (like Costco, Walmart etc) then specify the start and the end address. Click on “Map it” and you should see Google map with the route highlighted. You should also see all the businesses highlighted along this route. The driving directions are printed below the map.

Map showing business along the route

Please note that sometimes Google might not be able to resolve a business name in which case it will show incorrect businesses. In that case please go back and make the business name more specific. For instance, if you would like to visit “Costco Home” and you just typed “Costco” - then your results are more likely going to include the regular “Costco” stores as well.

Find Businesses on your way

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