- Smart and Productive way to find the best price for any product.

Lately I had been busy with a brand new venture - a Deal Request Comparison Shopping Engine  ( . Logo

The idea is very simple - When you have decided on a product or list of products to buy,  just request a deal  and we (and the community) will help you find the best price including ALL rebates  + Shipping + tax. We also compare Cashback rebates (like fatwallet or or QuickenPicks) and include the best cashback in the price.Comparison shopping is growing exponentially with 100’s of  comparison shopping sites being added every year.  This leads to a lot of confusion and a lot of clutter  making it a very unproductive experience when you are trying to find the best price for a product.  In general, if your time is more valuable, you would not care to spend time to comparison shop and would normally just go to a single site like and make your purchase without worrying too much about price.  BUT what if there was one site that can help you find the best price WITHOUT you having to spend your valuable time - Would you be interested ?At we understand that finding the best price involves a combination of Store Price + coupon + cashback + mail in rebates + gift card rebates +Shipping + tax.  And furthermore  each Cashback provider provides a different percentage of cashback. making it a even more complicated mathematical problem.  We have developed a  a very robust platform that can calculate all the combinations of rebates eventually providing you with the FINAL best price.We know your time is extremely valuable and therefore once you request a deal, we spend quality time making sure the deals are the best and are as accurate as possible. Read more about us at the Smazzle Blog.  Also learn more about the four categories of shopping sites and the steps to find the best price for any product.  Just try us out and we promise to wow you !! Logo

If you are in the market for buying Television, then checkout the best prices on Plasma or lcd or led HDTV televisions. The prices include coupons, cashback, mail-in rebates, gift cards, shipping and tax.

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  1. 1 Moo Kahn Feb 22nd, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Good idea - hope it does great things for you.

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