Free time tracking tool for personal use, small business and employees

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Setup and start using Activity Tracker Plus

“Activity Tracker Plus” is a free time tracking software that can keep track of all your daily activities. You can use if for anything you want - small business owners or employers can use it to track their employee hours, consultants can use it for time reporting, students can use it to track time spent in their homework and others can just use it to analyze how they spend their time. It provides a very simple interface and all you do is punch-in when you start an activity and punch-out when you are done. This gadget will take care of generating your time records or timesheet. It also comes with a social client - “Activity Tracker Plus Social” that will let you share your daily log on your blog or any opensocial social networking platform including orkut, hi5, Friendster, MySpace etc in real time.Activity Tracker Plus is built using Google Spreadsheet as the back end for data storage. That means, all your personal tracking data is stored on your own Google spreadsheet. You can back it up whenever you want or export it to your local machine whenever you want.

Activity Tracker Plus Running On Prism

Activity Tracker Plus can be accessed from any browser (yes.. you can use iPhone too) and it shares the same data from the same Google spreadsheet. That means, you can punch-in from your desktop Activity Tracker Plus or IGoogle and punch-out from your iPhone and you can punch-in again from you Mozilla internet browser. The data is shared and is stored on your very own Google spreadsheet. There are number of set-up options available for Activity Tracker Plus. You can have it on your computer’s system tray or you can have it in your IGoogle page or Gmail or you can access it from any personal web-sites. So you are not limited to using only iGoogle. Activity Tracker Plus is also very reliable and does not depend on a single platform like iGoogle. So even if iGoogle decides to disable all gadgets, all your data is still saved on your spreadsheet and you can still access them through any other Internet browser. You do not need iGoogle to access your data just use any Internet browser. Activity Tracker Plus is very secure. It uses three keys and optional password to make sure no one can access your data.

Points to note before using Activity Tracker Plus

  1. If you are a previous iGoogle Activity Tracker user, please note that Activity Tracker Plus is NOT compatible with the old Activity Tracker and you will NOT be able to import all your activities. You can continue to send me requests to recover your old data (screeperzone at

For Netvibes and Vista gadgets, please refer back to the previous version of Activity TrackerActivity Tracker - Punchclock & Time Management Gadget

For all other users, just click on the link below to setup your account and start using Activity Tracker Plus on your Internet Browser or any smartphone browser



Activity Tracker Plus is a free time management or timesheet gadget. Use it to improve productivity following Getting things done principles. Managing your time efficiently. Capture billable time, capture time spent in writing blogs, time spent on leisure activities, daily life log. Project management gadget.

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