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Export / Import / Backup your iGoogle gadgets

Many had been requesting some kind of a feature to backup data from Activity Tracker, Todo List and My Moments gadgets. I did some research and found out that Google provides such a feature to backup, import or export the data.

I will provide you with instructions on how to do just that. This information relates to the following iGoogle gadgets that you may be using.

[”My Moments” - Countdown, countup and much more..]

[Activity Tracker - Punchclock & Time Management Gadget]

[To-Do List with Google Maps !!]

Steps to backup/import/export the gadget data

  • In your IGoogle homepage that hosts ScreeperZone gadgets, click on the small arrow provided on the tab and select “Edit this tab”

  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should see a section called “Troubleshooting” and another section called “Export / Import”

  • If you just wish to backup the gadgets, then click on “Backup”. The backup is saved in Google servers and you can recover the gadgets later by clicking on “Restore Now”. Unfortunately it saves only one snapshot of your Google settings. If you would like to save data at different times, then you will have to export your settings at different intervals. The next point discusses this.
  • If you wish to Export the data into a file and later restore it back from the file, then click on “Export” and save the file iGoogle-settings.xml locally. You can later restore your settings and data by uploading this file. To upload, click on “Browse” and select the file. You can then click on “Upload” to upload the settings.
  • For more information on other Google backup related services, visit this blog.


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